If you want to achieve an attractive low maintenance lawn, it is essential to include lawn edging in your planning. The use of edging will add the finishing touch to your landscape as well as make watering and weeding around edging less time consuming.

 The purpose of landscape edging is to provide a barrier between the lawn and the planting bed.  The most commonly used edging materials are black vinyl, wood, steel or aluminum. None of these can provide you with the beauty or durability that curbing can. 

 Machine-extruded, continuous, concrete borders are the latest technology to enhance lawns, gardens, driveways or any landscape area.  "Curbing" not only looks great, but it also is a cost effective method and provides very functional and stylish landscape borders for any home or business.

All curbing is installed with a 1/8th inch steel cable under tension. Click to view a video demonstrating the strength of our curb

Got Ugly concrete? Let Superb Curb improve the look of your existing concrete with our concrete overlay products.



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